March 30, 2015



(Portland, OR)  As part of its continuing commitment to strengthen and support music education in public schools, the Oregon Symphony makes its fifth outing beyond the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in the last two years, following the most recent performance at Rosa Parks Elementary School. This time, an audience of 450 third-through-fifth graders will enjoy a live performance by the Oregon Symphony at their school.

10:30 am, Thursday, April 2
John Wetten Elementary School
Gladstone, Oregon
(by invitation only)

Conducted by Resident Conductor Paul Ghun Kim, the concert—“Musical Images”—is geared toward elementary school students, inviting them to use their imaginations as they listen to Prokofiev’s classic tale, Peter and the Wolf. Narrated by Pam Mahon, the concert also features selections by Ibert, Hindemith and Haydn.

This educational event is made possible, in part, by the generous support of FamilyCare Inc. through Oregon Symphony Board Member Dr. Jeff Heatherington, who is also an active partner in advancing the health and well-being of Gladstone’s children. Dr. Heatherington has supported the Gladstone School District’s initiatives to improve nutritional, social and emotional health. He is a critical partner in that district’s leading-edge work in identifying and building resiliency for children exposed to trauma.

Symphony President Scott Showalter thanked Dr. Heatherington for his generous support, noting that such support helps the Symphony to execute a key element of its strategic plan—to strengthen and expand community partnerships. “We believe,” he added, “that music has the power to inspire people, to build community and to transform lives.” 


Jim Fullan
Vice President/Communications, Marketing, Sales