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At this moment …

We would find Jonathan with his two kids, five-year-old Liam and Fiona, age two. "They're watching a video of Fred Garbo's Inflatable Theater Company. He's a juggler/acrobat and juggles inflatable objects." Jonathan and his wife Robin, a violinist with the Portland Baroque Orchestra, manage their schedules so that one of them is always home with their kids.

On the CD player …

Jonathan's 5-disc CD player holds an eclectic mix. "I don't tend to listen to music for entertainment; I find it frustrating to listen to music in the car because you can't hear it properly." Currently, the Dubay family CD player is spinning the kids' Dr. Seuss's "My Many Colored Days," produced by the Minnesota Orchestra, the Oregon Symphony's latest recording of Sibelius' Symphonies Nos. 2 and 7, and Robin's CD from local group Three Leg Torso.

In the kitchen …

Jonathan has abdicated cooking duties to Robin because she's "more discerning." While Jonathan enjoys all kinds of foods, his kids are more particular. "Our refrigerator is full of a lot of bland food in the hope our children will eat it. Their palate is pretty limited."

On the music stand …

Jonathan is currently practicing music for upcoming Symphony concerts. He also uses a scale book, "Contemporary Violin Technique," by Ivan Galamian. "I've been studying the physiology of violin playing and have an atlas of skeletal muscles on my stand to refer to as I practice."

And on the nightstand …

"The Performer Prepares" by Robert Caldwell. "I'm practicing with his methods in mind," Jonathan explains. "I think his approach really hits the nail on the head in terms of helping the performer decide what he wants." Jonathan is also reading two different books on organic gardening. "The Caldwell and the gardening books go well together because they're both about making sure all the elements work well in combination."

Before you left …

"I'd see if Liam wanted to play cello for you; he'd also show you his monkey puzzle tree and his pitcher plant." The Dubays have done extensive remodeling and restoration of their early 20th century bungalow over the past seven years. "I'd show off our work on the house, including the solar hot water system and try not to complain about what went wrong."

Posted September 2004
Jonathan Dubay

Violinist Jonathan Dubay has played with the Oregon Symphony since 1992 and is also a member of The Three Centuries Ensemble with his brother, cellist Gregory Dubay. In addition, Jonathan is the webmaster for the Oregon Symphony Players Association Web site. His most recent recording features 44 Bartók violin duets with violinist George Shiolas.

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