Staying Connected: A Message from Scott Showalter


DECEMBER 15, 2020

Hello, I’m Scott Showalter, President of your Oregon Symphony.

I’m sending this video greeting from my home in Downtown Portland. As the holidays are upon us in these unprecedented times, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy end to 2020, and an auspicious New Year.

Indeed this pandemic has taken away much from all of us, and required us to make significant adjustments in our lives. This also is true of your Oregon Symphony. I recently announced the cancelation of all concerts and in-person events through June 2021. The action was difficult but necessary as we prioritize the health and safety of our community, musicians, and staff.

However, these times also have forced us to be creative. While we are dark, your Oregon Symphony has produced digital content to stay connected with friends near and far, and to bring you the healing and joyful power of music. Some of our initiatives have included:

All of this is available on our website and social media, for you, your friends, and family, for free.

We are developing more programs that build on the success of these series, and creating new classical content that we will announce in the new year. 

Of course, I am most excited to reunite with you in person for our 2021/22 Season next fall, with exhilarating live performances as we celebrate our 125th anniversary. It promises to be among the most exciting seasons in our history, with diverse composers and artists, critically acclaimed soloists who will debut with your Oregon Symphony, new pieces, and popular classics.

In the meantime, we congratulate Maestro Carlos Kalmar and your Oregon Symphony for their 2021 Grammy nomination for their album Aspects of America: Pulitzer Edition. It is available on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms.

Yet this season, we will celebrate Carlos’ 18th and final year as our Music Director. His tenure has been incredible. Plans will be shared soon.

As I commend Carlos and our musicians, I thank all of you for your donations, which provide for musicians’ health insurance and our ongoing costs until we can perform again; for your loyalty and commitment, by applying the value of tickets from canceled concerts to future shows; for your encouragement, which we hear every day by phone, through social media, and in emails; and for your goodwill, which inspires us in this difficult time.

Before too long, we look forward to showing our gratitude in the best way we know how: performing for you live. Until then, remain strong and hopeful in the power of music, its ability to unite, inspire, educate, heal, and bring joy, even in – and perhaps especially during – this difficult time.

I send you warm greetings, my friends, until we can meet again. Happy New Year.

Scott Showalter, President and CEO