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JáTtik Omar Clark

Principal Tuba

First season with the Oregon Symphony:


Most influential teacher(s):

Difficult question! I honestly feel that all my formal teachers have given me valuable instruction and advice about many aspects of music (and beyond). If I have to choose one in particular, it would have to be Timothy Northcut. He is the main reason I attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music for my masters degree. His total dedication to the development and maturation of his students is unparalleled. More than that, he was a motivator, an advisor and a friend.

Earliest musical memory:

Practicing the sousaphone at home while I was in seventh grade (even though I was too lazy to attach the bell section most of the time!!)

"I first knew I would make music my career when ... "

My dream career since I was just a child was medicine. However, I enjoyed music more and more through high school, and around 11th grade it was time to make a decision. It was a hard decision but I went with the activity that I enjoyed more and, to my surprise, my mother backed me 100 percent! I don't regret the choice at all!

"Other than performing music, I've always thought it might be fun to be a ... "

After reading my last response, this one should be obvious. Science has always been appealing to me. I have also considered drawing and computer sciences.

Favorite composer and/or period?

Again, I enjoy many composers but one that has had a profound effect on me is Anton Bruckner (his symphonies in particular). Reverence, strength, massiveness, placidity, spontaneity and exhilaration are all emotions that I experience through his music. I tend to favor the Romantic and Modern music periods as well.

What does this photograph say about your life?

This photo actually represents a couple of my favorite activities. Weight training has been a beneficial (but not always regular) part of my life. The column represents Greek mythology, which I take pleasure in reading, as well as literature in general. I decided to use "The Thinker" pose in an attempt to bring both elements together.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

I see it as an excellent opportunity to develop and achieve synergy with a large group of talented musicians while performing aural masterpieces for the deserving and supportive public.

Other than playing great music, what do you see as the Symphony's most important role?

Working hard and striving to create and maintain high standards of entertainment, education and cultural significance in Portland.

What is your favorite part of being a member of the Oregon Symphony?

Being able to work with three great comrades in the trombone section and fulfilling my role as part of the orchestral foundation (with the bass section).

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