Ari Shapiro


Appears on: Pink Martini New Year's Extravaganza

When he is not touring with Pink Martini, Ari is the co-host of NPR’s flagship evening news program, All Things Considered. He joined the program in September 2015 after living abroad as NPR’s international correspondent in London. He has reported from above the Arctic Circle and aboard Air Force One; he has covered wars in Iraq, Ukraine, and Israel; and he has filed stories from five continents so far. Before moving to London, Ari spent four years as White House Correspondent for NPR, covering the Obama Administration. In 2012, he embedded with the Presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney. He was NPR’s justice correspondent for five years during the George W. Bush Administration, covering one of the most tumultuous periods in the Department’s history. As a high school kid in Portland, OR, Ari was a Pink Martini fan before the band ever released an album. In the 1990s, he would often sneak into small clubs to watch their earliest shows. His singing debut with Pink Martini was at the Hollywood Bowl in 2009, before an audience of 18,000 people. Since then, he has regularly joined the band in concerts around the world.He has also recorded songs on the Pink Martini albums Splendor in the Grass, Joy to the World, Get Happy, and their newest album Je dis oui!