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Music Educators Toolbox 
A collection of free educational guides and resources from Carnegie Hall

The Instruments of the Orchestra
Learn about the instruments of the orchestra: what they’re made from, how they produce sound, and where to spot them in the orchestra.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra: Listen by Instrument
Hear what each orchestra instrument sounds like.

The Wide World of Music: Listen by Instrument
Includes orchestra instruments and others from around the world.

The New York Philharmonic Learning Resources
This famous group introduces the workings of orchestra through detailed audio and visual information about instruments and classical musical eras.

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Join Violet as she embarks on an instrument safari, guided by her venerable uncle Ollie, collecting all the instruments of the orchestra to the accompaniment of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

The Instrument Families in the Orchestra
From the Atlanta Symphony, this guide includes student activities like making instruments from everyday materials.

Keeping Score Interactive
Explore of the stories behind some of classical music’s turning points. Presented by the San Francisco Symphony. 


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Make your own instruments!

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Classics for Kids
Companion site to the radio show Classics for Kids. Includes interactive games, excerpts from the show including explanations of musical terms and a selection of pieces.


General Resources

All Classical Portland
Portland’s own classical radio station. Listen to all types of classical music online or over the air. Includes guides to local events, videos of interviews and performances and program guides.

Women Composers Database
Information on hundreds of women classical composers.

Classical Net Composer Index
Biographies and discographies of classical composers

The Glossary of World Percussion Instruments


Northwest Community Gospel Chorus Resources

NWCGC 2024 Rehearsal Schedule

NWCGC 2024 Policies

NWCGC Choir Robe Size Chart

NWCGC Chorus Manager Job Posting