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Aaron LaVere

Principal Trombone

At this very moment …

we might find Aaron packing his backpack in anticipation a rare free day and a day hike with his dog Annabel… or he might be rewrapping the handlebars on his bike (after adjusting the break levers).

On the CD player …

we'd find Linda Eder, Louis Prima, Take 6, Arlo Guthrie, John Denver (but don't tell anybody), "and some guy named Mahler."

In the kitchen …

we would find "the ingredients for a dry-rubbed roast duck, golden raisin polenta or black truffle, potato and parsnip risotto and, for dessert, a brick-oven cherry tart with white chocolate and mascarpone. Oh, you mean my kitchen!?!?"

On the music stand …

would be the music for any of the next Oregon Symphony concerts and a number of solos in preparation for appearances next year with the Symphony and in recital… "music from Arthur Pryor, Berio, Eric Ewazen and Christopher Rouse."

And on the nightstand …

"only the essentials: Harry Potter; Tom Clancy; and Tolkien."

Before you left …

Aaron would make sure you knew that most of the artwork adorning his home is courtesy of his talented parents… his father is an accomplished photographer and his mother is a professional artist.

Posted 2004
Aaron LaVere

Named Principal Trombone of the Oregon Symphony in 2001, Aaron LaVere is emerging as one of the leading brass players of his generation. A former member of the New World Symphony, Aaron has appeared with the Detroit and San Antonio Symphonies, among others. He began his musical studies in the public schools of Flint, Mich., at the age of nine and later studied at Interlochen and the University of Michigan, where he earned a master's in performance.

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