Corporate, Foundation & Government Support

We’re broadening the Oregon Symphony in Salem’s reach with the help of committed, community-minded partners. Through the support of corporations, foundations, and government agencies, the Oregon Symphony makes music accessible to millions of people around the globe – from bringing learning opportunities to our public schools, to providing $5 concert tickets to low-income households, to making radio broadcasts and live-streamed events available for the whole world to experience.


Corporate Support

Businesses that support the Oregon Symphony in Salem make an investment in their community, their Symphony, and their brand. We offer opportunities for corporations who want to promote their reputation as an engaged business, while directly fostering a vibrant tradition of arts and culture in our region. Corporate philanthropy is welcomed at any level.  

Our corporate partners negotiate from an array of marketing, hospitality, and philanthropic opportunities to match your corporation’s priorities and level of sponsorship, including exclusive access; co-branding of selected assets; concert sponsorships; community engagement partnerships; and hospitality for clients and employees. 

Foundation and Government Support

Each year we receive vital support from foundations and government agencies who help us invest in the future and meet our goals to engage our wider community, build meaningful relationships with new audiences, increase accessibility, and pursue artistic innovation.

Salem Advertising

Purchasing advertising in our program books is an effective way for a business or organization to gain exposure while supporting the Oregon Symphony in Salem. Ads are purchased for the entire season or for individual program books. 


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View a complete list of our corporate, foundation, and government supporters, and join us in recognizing their community leadership.

Play Your Part

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