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Scott Showalter

president and CEO

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Diane M. Bush, executive assistant
Susan Franklin, assistant to the music director


Artistic Operations

Jacob Blaser, director of operations
Charles Calmer, vice president for artistic planning
Joy Fabos, principal librarian
Monica Hayes, education and community programs director
Leah Ilem, orchestra personnel manager
Susan Nielsen, director of popular programming and presentations
Sara Pyne, assistant librarian
Steve Stratman, orchestra manager
Kathryn Thompson, associate librarian
Lori Trephibio, stage manager
Jacob Wade, manager, operations and artistic administration
Steve Wenig, vice president and general manager



Ellen Bussing, vice president for development
Rene Contakos, gift officer
Leslie Simmons, events coordinator
Courtney Trezise, foundation and corporate giving officer
Nik Walton, membership manager


Marketing, Communications & Sales

Natasha Kautsky, vice president for marketing and strategic engagement
Rebekah Phillips, director of marketing, communications, and sales
Ethan Allred, marketing and web content manager
Liz Brown, partnership marketing and group sales manager
Katherine Eulensen, audience development manager
Lisa McGowen, patron communications manager
Christy McGrew, ticket office manager
John Kroninger, front of house manager
Nils Knudsen, assistant ticket office manager
Emily Johnstone, patron services representative
Cleo Knickerbocker, patron services representative
Linnea Oddie, patron services representative
Ella Rathman, patron services representative
Amanda Preston, patron services representative
Adam Cifarelli, teleservices manager
Frances Yu, teleservices team leader
Rachel Allred, patron services representative
Karin Cravotta, patron services representative
Johnah Garcia, patron services representative
Tori Miller, patron services representative
Carol Minchin, patron services representative
Rebecca Van Halder, patron services representative


Business Operations

Janet Plummer, chief financial and operations officer
Julie Haberman, finance and administration associate
Mike Bellinger, art director
David Fuller, tessitura applications administrator
Tom Fuller, database administrator
Randy Maurer, production manager
Peter Rockwell, graphic designer
Lynette Soares, finance and administration assistant