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March 13, 2020

(Canceled) OPEN MUSIC

All Oregon Symphony concerts through April 6 have been canceled in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Governor Kate Brown announced that public events with over 250 attendees will be canceled over the next four weeks. Please visit this page for full details.


See and hear Caroline Shaw, Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Award-winning composer, violinist and vocalist, as she delves into the music that excites her the most. From Schubert to Paul Simon, Shaw discusses and performs favorite works and offers a window into her creative life. Devised and hosted by Oregon Symphony Creative Chair Gabriel Kahane. Featuring performances by musicians of the Oregon Symphony.


Alberta Rose Theatre

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Open Music

“Writing music is a mysterious thing; those of us who do it professionally are continually baffled and astonished by our sublime and ridiculous pursuit of finding language, meaning, and expression in sound and silence. With Open Music, I want to create an intimate space in which audiences can get a little closer to this ineffable creative path. 

For this series, I invite a musician – generally a composer, though not always – to open their brain onto the stage through a concert of their own design. It might include some music they've written, but more importantly, it will include music and perhaps art in other forms that inspires and informs their work. Caroline Shaw, a friend and colleague for nearly a decade, is an absolute dream guest for our first concert: she is brilliant, kind, relentlessly creative, and an eloquent advocate not only for her own work, but for any art that’s important to her. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce her to the OSO community.” 

—Gabriel Kahane



Caroline Shaw

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Gabriel Kahane

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