June 3–5, 2023

Holst’s The Planets

This concert takes place at 2 pm due to the Starlight Parade (for June 3)

A triumph of orchestration, Holst's The Planets conjures vivid portrayals of the mythological deities associated with our solar system, from Mars' drums of war to Neptune's ethereal mysticism. Plus, bassist and Creative Alliance member Xavier Foley brings consummate versatility to the stage, performing his For Justice and Peace, a powerful meditation on the legacy of slavery in the U.S. 


Xavier Foley: Lost Child
Xavier Foley: For Justice and Peace
Bottesini: Double Bass Concerto No. 2
Holst: The Planets

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David Danzmayr, Conductor
Xavier Foley, Double Bass
Chien Tan, Violin
Women from Portland State University Choirs
Oregon Symphony

This concert is part of Classical Series C


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