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For years, contemporary music has been central to the mission of the Oregon Symphony. Now, we’ve brought that commitment into focus. This season, across a variety of formats and in multiple venues (Alberta Rose Theatre, Reser Center, and The Schnitz), we’re celebrating today’s leading composers, who create stunningly original work while grappling, through their music, with the complexity of life in the 21st century. All under the umbrella of Open Music.





Open Music @ Alberta Rose Theatre

In these intimate evenings of music and conversation, composers featured at the Schnitz perform and discuss works from the past and present that offer a window into their identities as artists and the ways in which they think about their world. In addition to featuring music crafted by the composers themselves and performed by members of the Oregon Symphony, these concerts will include music that inspires and informs their work.

So, grab a drink, bring a friend, and hear some of the most creative composers and thought leaders of our time offer a fascinating window into the creative process.  Hosted by Oregon Symphony’s Creative Chair, Gabriel Kahane.

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Three concerts, January 2024 – June 2024

Includes Open Music with Conrad Tao, Open Music with Timo Andres, and Open Music with Gabriella Smith

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June 5, 2024

Gabriella Smith

Gabriella Smith’s music has been performed by many leading orchestras around the world. She’s also a committed environmentalist. During this evening of music and conversation, we’ll hear Gabriella talk about how her paths as artist and activist intersect, where they diverge, and what she believes to be the future of climate activism.

Open Music Recommends @ The Schnitz

October 14-16, 2023

Mason Bates' "Anthology of Fantastic Zoology"

Performed with Elgar's Cello Concerto

November 4-6, 2023

Andy Akiho's "Sculptures"

Performed with Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique

January 12-14, 2024

Conrad Tao's "Over"

Performed with Rachmaninoff's Second Symphony

February 10-12, 2024

Timo Andres' "The Blind Bannister"

Performed with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

June 8-10, 2024

Gabriella Smith's "One"

Performed with Brahms' First Symphony