This season, the harmony, rhythm, and power of nature take center stage



Whether it's birdsong or the flight of a solo flute, our world vibrates with sounds that transport us to a place of breathless awe.

That intricate interplay of nature and music is the inspiration behind our 2024/25 classical season. Together we'll explore our natural world in all its majesty and volatility as we scale the heights of Richard Strauss' Alpine Symphony, savor the serenity of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, and process the damage of the Almeda Fire on our local communities in Gabriel Kahane's Talent & Phoenix.

With these shared experiences, our new season aims to harness the power of music as a social force — reminding us of our deep bonds with nature and inspiring the resolve needed to endure the challenges of our changing environment.

Embracing harmony. Navigating hardship. Cultivating hope.

It's the nature of music.


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Peak moments from our 2024/25 Classical Series

Richard Strauss' An Alpine Symphony

Featuring a massive orchestra of over 100 musicians, wind and thunder machines, Richard Strauss’ An Alpine Symphony is as grand and awe-inspiring as the mountains it evokes. Embark on a journey inspired by the composer’s teenage adventures in the Alps, where you’ll encounter crashing waterfalls, misty meadows, and furious storms as Strauss pays homage to the magnificent power of nature.

Strauss: An Alpine Symphony Sept 21–23, 2024 // Package A

Beethoven: The Rhythm of Life

Surrounded by political turmoil and chronic health issues, Beethoven composed music brimming with emotional intensity in which the human spirit triumphs over adversity. Explore the ways Beethoven infused his work with the rhythm of life’s joys and sorrows in four works teeming with vibrant energy and transcendent melody: the “Emperor” Concerto, Violin Concerto, Seventh Symphony, and the “Pastoral” Symphony, with its tranquil visions of babbling brooks and country dances.

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” Jan 11–13, 2025 // Package C
Beethoven: Violin Concerto & Symphony No. 7 Jan 18–20, 2025 // Package A
Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, “Pastoral” April 12–14, 2025 // Package B

Talent & Phoenix

Oregonians will never forget witnessing nature’s fury as the Almeda Fire devastated the Rogue Valley in September 2020. In the world premiere of Talent & Phoenix, Creative Chair Gabriel Kahane considers how our local communities can unite when a crisis comes to our front doors. Through this new song cycle for vocal soloists and orchestra, Kahane asks: “How is memory remade, and community rebuilt, when the buildings that housed our past are reduced to ash?”

Gabriel Kahane: Talent & Phoenix April 12–14, 2025 // Package B

Humanity and the Natural World

What is humankind’s relationship with nature, and how can music inspire us to serve as better stewards of our environment? Experience two works that explore these profound questions: Mahler’s Third Symphony, an expansive hymn to the primal life force and enduring love that unite nature and humankind; and Nancy Ives’s Celilo Falls: We Were There, which merges music, poetry, and photography to honor an important fishing and cultural site for Indigenous communities which was forever lost during the construction of the Dalles Dam – and the traditions that still remain.

Nancy Ives: Celilo Falls: We Were There June 7–9 , 2025 // Package A
Mahler: Symphony No. 3 June 14–16 , 2025 // Package C